Theory & Practice

The focus of Special Ops Security is a holistic approach to security education, encompassing not just lecture-based instruction but also hands-on labs, on-site customization, and education awareness program development. But sometimes the budget and time constraints on today's IT departments may not enable such a complete solution. Additionally, there are probably areas in your enterprise’s security where your staff excels and areas of deficiency where additional security training is required. For this reason, we offer modular security solutions as Special Ops: Theory and Practice.

Based on concepts and methodologies from SPECIAL OPS: Host and Network Security for Microsoft, UNIX and Oracle, SQL Server Security, Hacking Exposed and the Security Sage’s Guide to Hardening the Network Infrastructure, we have created hands-on training modules offering real-world attack and defense experience in a controlled lab environment. Special Ops: Theory and Practice training will ensure an immediate and demonstrable increase in the security posture of your corporate networks.

Another innovative Special Ops Security training concept is the use of control and experimental training labs. Students will first assess these networks and identify the common vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Step by step, one network will undergo remediation and defensive hardening while the other is available for testing in its highly vulnerable state. This allows our students to experience the value of what they are learning in real-time.

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