Net Strike Team

Our most popular training offering is also what makes Special Ops Security unique in the industry. With our breadth of knowledge, we are able to provide our customers with a unique combination of network assessment, security training, security awareness, and software tools. Every part of our Network Strike Team package is closely mapped to the people, processes, and technology vision of Special Ops Security.

Network Assessment (5 Days)

The project begins with a rapid, five-day network assessment performed by the most senior members of our team. Although the time schedule is compressed, the attention to detail is comparable to traditional assessments that take several weeks. During this phase, the goal is to assess the network's weaknesses and develop an understanding of the overall infrastructure to feed into the training portion of the Network Strike Team.

Security Training (3 Days)

Following the assessment, our trainers will use the information gathered to customize our standard network assessment course to your organization's unique infrastructure. Furthermore, our instructors will direct classroom discussion towards the actual vulnerabilities and issues detected during the assessment phase. This immediate relevance improves student participation drastically and ensures that your staff spends these hours learning what is absolutely vital to the security of YOUR network--not some example network from a textbook.

Security Tools

Your Network Strike Team package includes best-of-breed network assessment tools that your staff can use on their own after our team has completed their mission. These tools are a mix of commercially available and proprietary tools along with some open-source tools that we have hand-selected. Remember, these powerful tools are included in the package at no additional cost. Your staff will be trained on the same tools that our experts used the previous week to assess your network.

Security Awareness (½ Day)

During this brief, four-hour segment, our instructors will provide a roadmap that enables your staff to develop an effective security awareness program to promote best practices within the entire organization.

Process Creation/Documentation (½ Day)

The culmination of the training effort is the creation (or documentation of existing) security processes to address the weaknesses found in the network, and to proactively defend against further security issues.

Presentation to Management (Optional, 1 Day)

Our senior staff will present the network assessment findings, review the trainee learning objectives used during the week, and present a plan to implement the newly created (or revised) security processes to your upper management.

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