The Hands-On Training provided by Special Ops Security centers around creating opportunity for curiosity and mastery.

Special Ops Security offers you a hands-on opportunity to train at becoming skilled in defensive security through assessment and hardening techniques. To be an expert in computer security requires a mastery of attack and defense in theory and in practice. The theory is methodical and the skills are detail-oriented, but the application of this art requires creative fluidity that can only be gained through education and practice.

Network Strike Team

A unique Special Ops offering that combines a rapid network assessment, security training on performing assessments, security awareness and process development, and specialized security tools. Our Network Strike Team is the most popular offering and for good reason. With one pre-negotiated flat-rate, your organization can share the full power of the people, process, and technology vision with your own internal network security team. MORE

Private On-Site Training

This is private training that is customized based on the needs of your organization. Special Ops Security shifted the information security training paradigm by blending consulting, training and technology into hybrid educational solutions for our customers. MORE

Special Ops: Theory and Practice

Following the formula of our best-selling books, our security training is modular. We offer beginner to expert-level modular training featuring low student-teacher ratios and realistic lab based environments. Students learn the critical underlying theory, gain valuable hands on lab practice and benefit from the experience of learning from published authors and noted security specialists. Our theory and practice training methods are used to demonstrate misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and exploits in a hands-on environment that allows us to implement and validate our defensive security techniques, processes and procedures. MORE

“Teaching basic computer security has become an essential part of training government employees, and agency officials who neglect security education will regret it.”
–––David Jordan, CIO for Arlington County, VA (

As a practitioner of defensive security, you will be constantly faced with very complex but unique challenges; each offering incredible creative latitude in its solution. Train with Special Ops, learn from the best and help fight network negligence!

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