Web App

Special Ops Security's Web Application Assessment service analyzes the critical components of your e-commerce application. Using manual techniques, proprietary and commercial tools, and custom programs created uniquely for each application, we pinpoint specific vulnerabilities and identify underlying problems. Our assessments integrate detailed vulnerability and countermeasure information for authentication, authorization, session management, integrity of data, confidentiality of data, and privacy concerns.

Our continually updated methodology, proprietary tools and research ensures our expertise remains state-of-the-art. Special Ops consultants use a combination of commercial tools, internally developed utilities, and manual methodical techniques to review the various potential points of security failure on the web server and within the application itself. We examine the technical implementation as well as the business purpose of each web application, enabling our reports to provide technical solutions to individual vulnerabilities as well as prioritized remediation strategies based on corporate risk reduction.

"Special Ops Security's in-depth penetration and web application testing provides expert hands-on assessment and analysis of your organization's security posture."
-- Jason Morrow, CISO of Opteum Financial Services

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