Third party financial audits have become a fixture in the business world as a means to reduce risk and verify internal controls. Security audits should be no different!!

New and increasingly stringent legislation, compliance requirements, and increased dependence on automation simply compound the need for repeatable and unbiased audits of your internal security controls. Special Ops vulnerability assessment services provide a comprehensive view of your security posture as well as an actionable remediation report that allows you to prioritize and address critical weaknesses immediately.

  • Black Box Assessment
    • Our "black box" vulnerability assessment is an external audit that focuses on identifying weaknesses in perimeter security and vulnerabilities of edge devices. It generally requires minimal interaction or prior knowledge of your environment.
  • Crystal Box Assessment
    • Our "crystal box" assessment audits both external and internal security, and relies on interviews and documentation/process reviews. It requires more interaction with your staff, but provides a more comprehensive view of your organization's internal weak spots and point-in-time security posture.
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